Jango is Internet radio done right…almost


Jango is a “Social Internet Radio” service that allows you to create custom radio stations filled with only the music you want to hear. You begin by choosing an artist that you like. That will create your station. From there, Jango will recommend related artists to you and you can add them to your player. You can block any songs that you don’t want to hear and rate songs so Jango will know what you want to hear more of. Whenever you’re playing music, Jango will show you other members that are playing similar music and you can instantly start listening to their stations and add them as friends. There are musician profiles and you can easily bookmark people, songs, and artists so you can find them again easily. I have to say, I’ve tried out a lot of Internet radio services and Jango really only recommended and played music that I liked. I’ve been using it all day and rarely had the desire to skip to another song. The only big feature I’d like to see is a way to pop out the player so I don’t have to stay on the Jango site in order to use it. It’s in private beta right now so hopefully that’s on the way.  Update:  The folks at Jango are hooking DemoGirl readers up with access to the private beta.  Follow this link to create your first station!  Here’s my screencast tour of Jango:

Flash Demo4m33s

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  1. I agree… jango is pretty sweet. However, it still has a ways to beat last.fm. Especially with the amount of apps out there available for last.fm.

  2. 2 R to the L to the C

    Is there much of a difference between Jango and Pandora?

  3. 3 Ben

    I would like to know the difference between Jango and Pandora. I’m a huge pandora fan and also pandora has an app on the iphone which jango does not.

    • 4 Juliet

      The difference is on Pandora you can only skip a certain amount of time with limited commercial interruptions. Jango doesn’t have a limit, but some commercial interruptions. Jango is also the link to a song from lyrics to songs so if you look up lyrics to a somg on the internet there are usually the lyrics then a small bar with the song. The song plays from Jango. From there you can add it to a station. I also find that Jango is more accurate at predicting which songs you like. Also Pandora does not let you listen to other people’s stations with similar musical taste. Where as Jango does. I believe Pandora is the only one of the two with an app because it is more popular. It is mosty because alot of teachers use Pandora on school computers. Jango however is for somereason not accesable through the many filters computers at schools have.

      I perfer Jango over Pandora, but Pandora is okay.

      Juliet Johnson, 14, Chicago, Illinois

  4. 5 Angelo

    I have used both jango and pandora. I found that there are three key differences between the two sites. First and foremost is how songs are related to each other. On pandora they use a music “genome”, essentially the people who run pandora rate songs on a variety of aspects such as rythm, mood, content, subject and a whole host of others. This is a very cool idea, except that it means that a very limited group of peopleare defining the music. This would be fine if taste in music were objective, but since music is subjective this means that often we get songs recommended to us that fit with someone elses taste but not someone like us. jango takes a much simpiler and ultimately more effective approach. Instead of having a few people define the connections between music, jango creates a social network and leverages the fact that people will tend to put music that goes together on playlists together. Therefore you are much lass likely to run into music that you don’t want to listen to. The next big difference is that you can searchfo and listen to other members stations. All stations are playing at all times even of the member isn’tlistening to it. Therefore you can search individual songs and play them instantly. This is very different from how pandora works, which is that you pick artists and then are at the whim of the software. The end result is that you have much more fine grain control of exactly what you are listening to. The third big thing for at least is that jango actively supports indie artists, which means that often I get songs playing my playlist that I’ve never heard of, but (and here’s the kicker) who I actually really like and who really fit in with the other music on my playlist. This is something that I think makes jango more than just a consumer experience. I am actually expanding my musical knowledge and tastes by using jango. The biggest downside of jango for me is that it doesn’t have an iPhone app. If anyone at jango is reading this please remedy this hole in your service since it is quite simply the only major thing that keeps me from cutting my iTunes library loose.

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