YourStreet relaunches and makes better use of their name


YourStreet gives you a way to see exactly what’s going on in your neighborhood – “down to the street level”.  After you choose your location, you’re presented with an interactive map that displays news stories, conversations, and people.  You can see news that happened down the street from you, participate in conversations with people who live nearby, and read profiles of people around you.  Members can add their own news stories and place them exactly where they happened.  Someone even started a conversation simply titled, “Looking for love”.  (Too bad the first person to comment suggested that they hang out at Jamba Juice.)

I made a screencast for YourStreet back in April, when they were more of a real estate guide for neighborhoods.  Obviously the site has changed dramatically since then, and now the name “YourStreet” actually holds a bit more meaning.  Here’s my screencast tour of YourStreet:

Flash Demo2m43s

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