Search eBay smarter with GetItNext


GetItNext wants to help you find the actual items your looking for when shopping on eBay.  Usually when you search for something on eBay, such as an iPod, you’re bombarded with items like iPod accessories or other useless items that just get in the way.  When you do a search for an iPod on GetItNext, you’ll only get actual iPods in your results.  You can add keywords if you’re looking for something more specific, like a red iPod.  You can also remove keywords if you don’t want, for example,  iPod Shuffles included in your results.  There’s a “find a deal” tab which will only show you items without any bids and less than 4 hours left of auction time.  There’s nothing to sign up for in order to use GetItNext and all of your purchases are still done on eBay so you don’t need to worry about sharing any personal information with GetItNext.  Here’s my screencast tour of GetItNext:

Flash Demo2m33s

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