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Late last night I came across this article talking about a new site for live music lovers. Well, I’m glad that I decided to come back to it this morning because I would have been up all night trying it out. It’s called Songkick and it rocks. In a nutshell, Songkick is a place to […]

Picnik, a really cool photo editing and enhancement tool, now has a Facebook Application that allows you to edit your photos right from Facebook.  That’s not all though.  You can also edit your friends photos.  Just select one of your friends and then choose any of their photos that you want to edit.  You can […]

Have you ever dreamed of being on an MTV dating show?  Yeah, me neither.  But just in case you secretly do, you may want to check out MTV’s new flirting site, NextOrNot.  If you’ve ever seen the show Next, you should have no problem learning how to use the site.  Basically, you click through members […]

Overstream is a service that lets you take videos from YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, and DailyMotion and add captions or subtitles to them. All you need is the video URL and then you can start adding captions and share your completed video with the Overstream community. Other users can rate your videos and leave […]

AOL has finally decided to pull MapQuest out of the Web 1.0 closet and pretty it up with some much needed new features.  Now, with MapQuest Beta, users can enter in an address into a one-line search box instead of 4 different boxes.  You can save your searches and set default home and work addresses.  […]

Planjam is a date planning service that helps you find new and interesting things to do on a date.  Just enter in your zip code and planjam will give you different date themes to choose from.  All of the activities include contact info, a map, average cost, a time estimate, and reviews.  You can drag […]

TripTracker is a mapping service that helps you share your travel experiences, day to day, with friends and family.  Each trip you create has its own journal, a place for photos, and a map.  You can place all of your photos and journal entries on the map with a time stamp, so everyone will always […]