Lonely huh? Well, go on a Crazy Blind Date!


Crazy Blind Date is a new type of dating site from the folks at OkCupid. It wants to give adventurous and curious people a new way to meet. By adventurous and curious, I mean that you get about 30 minutes notice before a date and you have no idea what they look like. You start by answering very basic questions and giving up a very brief description about yourself and what you’re looking for in a potential match. You’ll also be asked to choose dates and times when you’re available and to choose neighborhoods in which you’re willing to travel to for your date. CBD only sets you up in public places and you communicate with your date through them using SMS. 30 minutes before your date you’ll be sent a text and you can choose to say yes or no. Make sure if you say yes you actually show up though, because it’s just not nice to stand someone up who’s desperate enough to use CBD.

There were a lot of people leaving comments on this article about CBD, saying that they didn’t think that any good looking people would ever use the site and that it’s a breeding ground for stalkers and other online predators. Well, I suppose going out with someone you met in a bar after downing a bottle of tequila is much safer. Not. I wouldn’t mind seeing a feature for people who aren’t looking for a romantic relationship, but just some new friends to go to happy hour with. When you’re new to a city (like me) it can be intimidating to go out and make new friends – and frankly, I’m just as picky about what kind of friends I have as to the kind of person I’m dating. How fun would it be to get a text at the end of a long work day saying that 3 people you’ve never met want to meet for drinks down the street? Here’s my screencast tour of Crazy Blind Date:

Flash Demo5m34s

(source: Webware )

5 Responses to “Lonely huh? Well, go on a Crazy Blind Date!”

  1. Wow, I actually laughed out loud–twice–during this one enough to arouse the curiosity of my officemate.

    I live in San Diego but you’ve convinced me to peruse the site anyway.

    Also: someday, you should assemble a screencast blooper montage — if you have any.

  2. I’ve thought about doing some sort of a bloopers with all of the audio I screw up. The only problem is that most of what I say, when I mess up, is pretty inappropriate. You’ve just given me an idea though…

  3. …er, but it’d be funny! I don’t mean to insult the scope of what you do, but I’m sure there’re more intellectual adults than impressionable children who go around checking out screencasts. 😉

  4. Hey yeah i thought i’d do it, but i don’t receive text msg’s
    Yeah i’ve never beeen on a blind date and am always looking to meet new people this sounds like fun! Well unless my date bores me to death or is a psycho who shoots me to death. Lol either way my mystery girl has my curiousity at it’s peak.

  5. 5 Mr.B

    how did steven do on his blind date? waiting with baitless breath.


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