Manage your contacts better with the “Newer Version” of Gmail


You may not see it at first glance, but Gmail has updated some features and released a “Newer Version”.    When you first log in it looks like business as usual but if you see “Older Version” in the top right hand corner, you’ll know you have some updates.  Most noticeable is how you manage your contacts.  From your contact list, you can quickly view their vcard, send an email, start a chat, and view recent conversations.  When you hover over a name in your inbox, you can take the same actions.  In Gtalk, you now have the option of adding a photo from your Picasa Web Album to your friends profile.  The new updates aren’t going to make you run around the office screaming and high-fiving your co-workers, but it’s nice to know that Gmail is continuing to improve.  Here’s my screencast tour of Gmail Updates:

Flash Demo2m6s

2 Responses to “Manage your contacts better with the “Newer Version” of Gmail”

  1. I’m so late. I’m still trying to make the transition from Yahoo to Google.

  2. 2 AngeleneKhaw

    Dear Sir

    How do I go back to the newer version of Gmail ?
    It is easier to manage Contacts.

    Thanks for your help.

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