My take on Digg Labs…and I’m not saying I’m right


Digg Labs is nothing new, but I’d never really taken the time to explore what it was all about until tonight.  Basically, it’s made up of 4 tools that help you look deeper into all of the activity that takes place on Digg.  All of the tools allow you to visualize Digg activity in real time and all look super cool.

Digg Swarm draws circles around stories as they’re being Dugg.  The users Digging the stories are momentarily attached to the circle and the more Diggs a story gets, the brighter the circle will become around the story.

Digg Stack lines up all of the stories as they’re being Dugg.  At the same time, the Diggers will fall from above and land on the story they  just Dugg.  The brighter the story, the more Diggs it has.

Digg BigSpy is a vertical view at stories being Dugg.  They fall from above at the time they’re Dugg and older stories will appear further down on the list.  The bigger the text for a story, the more Diggs it has.

Digg Arc is the newest tool in Digg Labs and also left me a bit more confused than I would have liked.  It creates “containers” around stories and shows the Diggers who Dugg those stories as well as other topics they have Dugg – I think.

I created this screencast to show you how I see these tools being used.  I may not be completely correct in my demonstration, but hopefully if I’m wrong you’ll let me know.  Here’s my screencast tour of Digg Labs:

Flash Demo4m37s

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