Share your media, make new friends, and get harassed all in one place


Badoo is a place to meet singles online create a multilog, or a “multimedia log”. To get started, you need to answer profile questions and then you can start uploading videos or photos and writing blog posts. Every time you add something to your multilog you’re given the option to send out notifications to friends and family about your new post and you can set strict privacy levels to each post. Uploading one of my screencasts only took about 2 minutes and I like that I can keep certain posts password protected. There’s another side to Badoo, though. When you click on your contacts, your immediately shown a list of every person that has viewed your profile. When you view someone’s profile, they’ll know it. You can immediately start chatting with these freaks other community members and they’ll expect you to give them your email address and they may tell you repeatedly how beautiful you are. You can also search for people on Badoo and narrow it down to find singles in your area with a specific body type and hair color. Is it a social network, a place to blog, or a dating service? I suppose you’ll have to decide how you want to use Badoo, should you decide to do so. Update: Upon further investigation of the site, I found that you can rate members photos (basically if you think they’re hot or not) and I had a ton of disturbing IM’s waiting for me. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ll flock to Badoo for these reasons alone, but I won’t be back. I think they’re sneakily misrepresenting themselves. Here’s my screencast tour of Badoo:

Flash Demo4m15s

(source: Go2Web20)

3 Responses to “Share your media, make new friends, and get harassed all in one place”

  1. 1 Charlie B

    How many social sites do we actually need? I can’t believe people are spending money creating more. I don’t see girls rushing to sign up with Badoo. Seems a bit threatening for them.
    Keep up the good work on the good and even the bad sites 🙂

  2. Thanks Charlie. Seriously, I don’t know where some of those profile photos came from that are floating around on the homepage, but I highly doubt those girls are Badoo members. Either that, or they’re not really girls…

  3. 3 Wig

    BLOG !??? On Badoo ??
    There is no blog on Badoo, whereever.
    You can do messages in a chat style.
    And that’s it.
    Notthing more, notthing less…
    Their “customer service” at the other hand is virtually non existing.
    They will NEVER answer your question or remark, unless you insult them repeatedly and harsh enough to trigger for a lawsuit… LOL Even then, you will get a standard “we read your comment” (and shut up..) onliner.

    Badoo seems to be a plump-acting email collector company, probably under a faalse name. (Where is the REAL company behind!?? )
    If measured to Belgian law, this service is illegal.

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