Dial Directions is now on my cell phone speed dial


Friends and family who know me are well aware of my “little problem” when it comes to driving directions. Basically, my sense of direction is so bad that I get lost any time I turn off of my street. This fact was proven once again a couple of weeks ago when I was driving home from an event and was so turned around that I could have been in Texas and not known the difference. It was late at night and I started to panic after about 45 minutes of driving around – absolutely nothing looked familiar. I’m not big on stopping and asking for directions (especially in the neighborhood I was in) because it makes me feel like an idiot, which probably makes me an even bigger idiot. Finally I called a friend of mine and I told him the intersection I was at and he Google Mapped me home. What if no one was home though? What would I have done? I would probably still be driving in circles.

Today, all of my fears of getting lost in the ghetto again have been laid to rest thanks to the “get me the heck outta here!” service from Dial Directions. All you need to do is dial the letters DIR-ECT-IONS on your cell phone and tell the nice lady on the other end where you want to go and your current location. A text message arrives almost instantly with directions from MapQuest. You can also specify major chain stores and be given directions to the one closest to your location. You can even create directions to an event on Dial Directions and then tell your friends to call the number and say the name of the event. They’ll be given directions from where they are to the location you plugged into the Dial Directions website. Normally I only post screencasts on DemoGirl but in this case I thought I’d share this demo video they put together so you can see just how cool this service is. Just so ya know, I did try it out and it worked great.

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