Self Promotion – DemoGirl and Zoho


You may have noticed that the posts on DemoGirl slowed down a bit last week. One reason is that I went away for Thanksgiving weekend and the other is that I’ve been busy doing custom work for various companies and simply haven’t had the time to make any screencasts for DG. Sorry!

One of the recent projects I worked on was for the updated offline features for ZohoWriter. I’ve been doing work for the guys at Zoho for months now and it’s really been a great experience. You can check out the demo here and read more detailed articles about the updated ZohoWriter here, here, and here.

3 Responses to “Self Promotion – DemoGirl and Zoho”

  1. 1 7tronics

    After seeing your screencast was looking for a screencast for Mirra and noticed your comment on work with Zoho. Fantastic stuff! Too bad Mirra isn’t extensible as the Zoho apps are, but then a service based on providing workstation object backup can still be closed and succeed.

    Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics

  2. How cool! I’m a huge Zoho fan and I really enjoy your work. It’s great to hear that you are doing work together!


    Matt, ala

  3. 3 paisano

    Wild! I echo Matt’s sentiments. I’ve loved the work that zoho has done as well as your demos. What a perfect marriage! It’s so strange because one of the weakest things about zoho has always been their sometimes difficult to understand screencasts.
    I can’t believe I watched this demo the other day and didn’t recognize you!
    I knew it was a whole new change for zoho and a much needed breath of fresh air but I just didn’t put the two together! What a small world the cyberworld is!
    Great work! Keep it up!


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