Elfster rejuvenates crappy Secret Santa gift exchanges


Secret Santa gift exchanges have been around for quite some time. Too long, some may say. The biggest problem with Secret Santa’s is that no one puts any thought or effort in the gift they’re getting for a random co-worker they only speak to once a year. How are you supposed to know what to get “Frank” from accounting if you don’t even know who “Frank” is? Well, Elfster can solve that problem. It’s simple: Elfster allows you to create a group gift exchange, invite people to participate, and lets participants create wishlists and “don’t get me that!” lists. Elfster even does a random drawing of names and emails everyone the name of the person they’re buying for. You can then log into Elfster and see what that person does or does not want. Price limits can be set and you can even turn it into a gift exchange party planner with directions to the party and special instructions. It can all be kept anonymous, so everyone gets what they want and still not have any clue who bought it for them. Pretty groovy. Here’s my screencast tour of Elfster:

Flash Demo3m20s

[via Web Worker Daily]

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