Get back to work and Read it Later! (Not this…read this now)


The Read it Later Firefox Extension allows you to quickly save web pages or links to read later without having to add them to your regular bookmarks.  After you install it and add a couple of buttons to your bookmarks toolbar, all you need to do is right mouse click and choose “read this page/link later” any time you find something you want to read but can’t do so at that exact moment.  It’s all stored in your “reading list” and will be marked as read and discarded after you’ve read it.  If you don’t want to discard the item, you can easily add it to your bookmarks, submit it to Digg, add it to, or pretty much any bookmarking site you can think of.   Everything you need is in the two Read it Later buttons.  Here’s my screencast tour of the Read it Later Firefox Extension:

Flash Demo2m22s

[via Lifehacker]

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