Oh yes, Google Maps gets more updates


I don’t know what they’re feeding the Google Maps team, but I wish they’d send some of it my way. There are some new features that have been released over the past couple of weeks, and I thought I’d show them to you just in case you’ve missed them. First off, Hybrid view is out and Terrain view is in. You can still view the “Hybrid view” but it’s not called that anymore. It’s actually just the default view when you click on Satellite. Second, you can edit default marker locations on Google Maps now. Those markers never seemed to be dead on when it came to marking a location, so this could prove to be very useful. The last feature, and the newest, is collaboration in My Maps. Now you can create a map and allow friends to edit and add things to it. This is great for people planning a vacation or mapping out hiking or biking trails. Like I said, I don’t know what those guys at Google are on but the way they push out new features I think they may be eating the same magic gumdrops as the guys at Zoho. Here’s my screencast tour of Google Maps updates:

Flash Demo3m30s

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