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There are some people out there who seem to be walking dictionaries.  They like to use big words and can instantly spew out the definition of any word you throw at them.  It’s annoying.  I’m not one of those people but when I do hear a word that I don’t know the meaning of, I […]

Jooce is an online desktop where you can store files, watch videos, listen to music, chat with friends on various IM clients, etc.  It’s aimed at people that don’t have laptops of their own and spend most of their online lives at cybercafes.   The idea is, that you can go to any computer and log […]

Badoo is a place to meet singles online create a multilog, or a “multimedia log”. To get started, you need to answer profile questions and then you can start uploading videos or photos and writing blog posts. Every time you add something to your multilog you’re given the option to send out notifications to friends […]

Hopefully if you’ve decided to take on the task of preparing a Thanksgiving feast for your nearest and dearest, you’ve already planned out your menu.  But if you have someone like me in your family (a pain in the ass vegetarian) or if you’ve been asked to bring a side dish or dessert, you may […]

I feel like a lot of Internet radio/music players have been popping up lately.  There’s Jango, Deezer, Mixaloo, Songza, and now BoomShuffle.  As of right now BoomShuffle is pulling ahead of Jango, which was my favorite until about 4 hours ago.  BoomShuffle is like Internet radio that you have total control over, almost.  The biggest […]

Songza is a music search engine that allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs.  You can search by artist or song and the results bring you various versions of whatever you’ve searched for.  These songs can be shared with friends and you can embed a small Songza player on your website or blog.  […]

Digg Labs is nothing new, but I’d never really taken the time to explore what it was all about until tonight.  Basically, it’s made up of 4 tools that help you look deeper into all of the activity that takes place on Digg.  All of the tools allow you to visualize Digg activity in real […]