Say-hey-hey video dating…Do I need to go on?


Say-hey-hey is a dating site that wants to eliminate boring profiles and phony pictures that can sometimes be misleading when trying to find a date online. The whole site is video based so, theoretically, what you see is what you should get. You can upload videos you already have on your computer or record one with your webcam. Instead of filling out long questionnaires about what you’re looking for in a person or what you like to do on first dates, you just choose a bunch of pre-selected tags that describe what you want. You can also be honest about what kind of relationship you’re looking for – friends, dates, hook-ups, or even marriage.

The problem I have with Say-hey-hey are the videos on the homepage. They all seem to be videos recorded on the street or in clubs. That’s fine. I’m assuming Say-hey-hey hit the streets with a video camera to get some interesting content up for their launch, but there is something very wrong here. Just have a look at the women and the men and let me know what you think. It just doesn’t seem fair, if you know what I mean. Here’s my screencast tour of Say-hey-hey:

Flash Demo2m58s

5 Responses to “Say-hey-hey video dating…Do I need to go on?”

  1. Video dating, that’s an interesting way to meet online these days. I hadn’t thought about that as a way to meet women. Thanks for the FYI. You might also think about checking out Myles Reed’s book “Fishing for Love on the Net”, may help you with your video dating strategies.

  2. Way to sneak that spam in, Ethan!

  3. I’ll tell you how that site makes me feel….so very happy that I’m not looking for a date! Really, is that what is out there? Frightening. Good luck, single people — and to tell you the truth, those girls’ videos were even more demeaning than the guys’, weren’t they? sheesh.

  4. Yes, Angela, it’s sad. I think I’ve seen some of those girls on the “Girls Gone Wild” commercial and I think the guys on Say-Hey-Hey are the ones ordering the videos…

  5. Do they know that the videos could be embedded !! and they’re public !!!

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