My take on the new Technorati


Technorati relaunched yesterday with a new look and a search and discovery tool called “The Technorati Percolator” .  The purpose of The Percolator is to bring you the most significant posts from blogs and main stream media.  The more popular posts rise to the top in The Percolator, making them easier for you to find.  Along with The Percolator came some confusion on my end as well as my buddy Allen, which he demonstrates in his video at the end of this post.  I decided to take the questions he had about the new Technorati and try to find some answers for him.  The problem is that there aren’t really any answers about what all of these new features are, where the data comes from, and what my benefits are anywhere on Technorati.  The help pages haven’t really been updated and the blog post about the launch was, in my mind, not written in a way to help new users .  Since it’s my job to find out how to use a service and then demonstrate it for you, I find it frustrating when I can’t find informative help pages, especially on such a well known site.   But, I didn’t let that stop me.  I’m usually pretty good at simply figuring things out on my own.  In fact, I usually read directions and help pages after I’m done with something just to see if I was right.  I get some sort of sick satisfaction out of knowing that I didn’t need anyones help.  So, that’s what I did in this screencast.  I looked over Technorati and made some assumptions of what I thought the new features meant and how they came to be.  I have absolutely no idea if I’m right.  This entire screencast could be wrong and I could be showing you how to do the backstroke when I’m supposed to be showing you how to do the sidestroke.  Am I completely off base?  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Here’s my screencast tour of the new Technorati:

Flash Demo2m59s

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