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Pingg is a new digital invitation service that allows you to create stylish and professional looking invitations and manage your event with ease. First of all, pingg invitations are grown up looking. Even the kids invitations look professional. There are no banner ads and no clip art or cheesy designs. You can use what they call “surround send” to send your invites via email, SMS, have them accessible from your event webpage, and even create post cards to be sent out. Choose one method or choose them all, it’s your choice. You can also customize the design by using your own logo or image, which is great for professional event planners. You can add photos and YouTube videos to your webpage and your guests can subscribe to your “news” so they’ll be updated with any changes you may have. I received an email about pingg yesterday and immediately thought, “oh great, another Evite wannabe”. Not at all. It kicks Evite’s ass. I love it. It’s in private beta right now so you’ll just have to watch my screencast and wait for an invite. Here’s my screencast tour of pingg:

Flash Demo5m49s

3 Responses to “Pingg digital invitation service rules”

  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out. Cool that you got the scoop on this…and the screencast was really interesting and easy to follow. Thanks for a great service.

  2. 2 Jennifer

    Thank goodness there is something better out there than evite!! I watched the demo and used pingg to send out email invitations for a holiday party I’m throwing. I can see everyone whose viewed my invite and can manage how many people they forward the invite to-so it doesn’t get out of hand. My guests really like it too…easy to use. Also can send invites via text message. a lot of cool features. great idea. thanks.

  3. 3 Zena

    hearing lots about pingg. glad there is something i can use for invites. I was beginning to think I had to go back to paper invites. great pingg.

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