Tour of Firefox 3 Beta 2


Firefox 3 Beta 2 has just been released with about 900 improvements from the last beta, according to these release notes. Updates include anti-virus integration, malware protection, one-click site information check, resumable downloading, tab saving on exit, one-click bookmarking, and much more. Now, I couldn’t really show you everything included in the Firefox 3 Beta 2 release, so I decided to just give you a tour of things that you’ll see almost immediately after downloading it. I’m definitely impressed so far. Be sure to read the release notes for a full explanation. Here’s my screencast tour of Firefox 3 Beta 2:

Flash Demo3m44s

14 Responses to “Tour of Firefox 3 Beta 2”

  1. More beta features? 😮 Greeaat another downloading time. V.v
    I hope this proves just as good as 2.0 or better.

  2. There’s one cool feature I’ve always wanted for firefox — a keyboard shortcut for switching between tabs, kinda like an alt-tab idea, just for the tabs in one firefox window — is it on here?

  3. 3 Peter

    I have downloaded Beta 2 but do not see the places folder you show in the video. Am I missing something? Do I have to enable it? Can’t seem to find it in preferences.

  4. I use Opera and I’ m very pleased.I think that Opera is the best

  5. 5 bligoo

    For Turvyc
    try ctrl Tab and/or ctrl + (number of the tab)
    and you are done 🙂

  6. @ Peter – The “places” and “smart bookmarks” should automatically be installed in your bookmarks toolbar. Do you have the “one-click” bookmark star in your address bar?

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  8. 8 Peter

    Yes I have the one click star in my address bar. I have used it but still no places folder. Could this be a bug? I am using a macbook pro with Leopard installed.

  9. @ bligoo: Wow!!! Thank you so much! you have really made my surfing experience a bajillion times better. best tip EVER! Party on!

  10. @ turvyc: or ctrl+pg up/pg dn

    Handy when you have a small, crammed keyboard.

  11. Just what I need. Thanks.

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