Seesmic – Video Twitter or something new?


Seesmic is a service that allows you to quickly create videos with your webcam and then allows other members of the Seesmic community to reply to them almost instantly. Yes, it’s like video Twitter – but not really. Twitter was made so you could let your friends know what you were up to. I suppose you could use Seesmic like Twitter and simply record yourself eating a sandwich instead of Twittering to your friends that you’re eating a sandwich, but that would be gross. Seesmic seems like it was made to reach out to a place where Twitter isn’t as useful, visual. For example, I just got a new dog (I wish) and I want my friends to see my new dog. Well, I could take a picture or record a video and then upload it to YouTube. I could also walk over to my desk, turn on my webcam, and click “record” on Seesmic and show everyone my new best friend. My friends could then instantly reply how cute he is or what a terrible mistake I’d made. They could show me their dog and suggest we go on a play date, whatever. You can also embed Seesmic videos and create links for them. That was just an example of what you could use Seesmic for, it’s really up to the individual user to decide.  Seesmic is currently in private pre-alpha release, but they’re taking requests for invitations on their homepage.  Here’s my screencast tour of Seesmic:

Flash Demo3m16s

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