Identity Crisis


It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2007 and open our arms to welcome in 2008.  I thought of a few things I’d like to write about to close the year, but then figured I’d just make a video with my new handy dandy camera.  This isn’t a sign that DemoGirl is going to turn into more of a video blog.  No sir.  This is still a screencast blog.  It’s just fun to do different things every once in a while and I wanted to give you something very important to think about tonight as you’re chasing Jager Bombs with bottles of cheap champagne.  Happy New Year and I hope you and your families all have a safe, healthy, and prosperous ’08.

17 Responses to “Identity Crisis”

  1. 1 Jason

    You’re just a doll Molly!
    No witty title, that’s it. =)

  2. You’re a screencaster, Molly. And if I may say so, one of the best. You have a wonderful voice; tone timber and cadence. Blogger? More than that.

  3. @ Jason and CT – Thank you so much! But Jason, I don’t know about calling myself a doll in professional situations. It might sound strange. All the best in ’08!

  4. 4 Gert Jan van Harten


    your an attractive woman with an professional attitude and a great voice, seriously, I’m a voice actor and I envy you, but I would skip a professional acting carreer 😉

    Gert Jan

  5. Molly,

    Happy New Year. What a refreshing change of pace with the video post and question.
    I agree that there needs to be a new term/label for what you and others do when it comes to screencasting! Here are some thoughts.

    Blaster: Blogger that is also a screencaster.

    BroadCaster: a female that does screencasts..but that sounds sexist and piggish…so scrap that, ok? 😉

    Here’s my favorite…
    DemoGrapher: One who blogs and screencasts. Just like Photographer.
    I think this could become the defacto term. What do you think?

    Update: I did a search and found this definition:

    Still… words can have multiple meanings…right?
    Perhaps use a hyphen to make it obviously different: Demo-Grapher?

    What about DemoCaster?
    ScreenCaster kind of says it all too… NetCaster or WebCaster?


    Whatever the term, you’re the best. Here’s to many more screencasts in 2008!

    Your friend,

  6. 6 Paisano

    Me again. another idea

    there is software called screenOgraphy
    but there is no official word in dictionaries…. yet. 🙂


  7. Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions, Pai. I think I like Blaster the best so far. It sounds like someone that would carry a flamethrower.

  8. 8 Jason

    No doll as a professional title? So should I take “God’s Gift” off my business card??? ; )

  9. @ Jason – You have that on your business cards too?! Maybe I’ll run into you sometime at that store that sells really big hats…

  10. @ Gert – Definitely not looking for an acting career. The sad thing is that I wasn’t acting…I really am that awkward and dorky in real life! Sad, but true.

  11. 11 Jason

    BTW Blaster is definitely a cool title. Although being a common word it may lose it’s effectiveness. If you followed the same format as blog (web+log) you would come up with nCaster.

  12. 12 Charlie

    Hi Molly, you need some pictures on the wall 🙂 I Googled “DemoBlog” and didn’t find much on it. What you do are Demo’s and you blog about them? By the Way, you didn’t seem dorky on your video. Maybe a little nervous? I couldn’t sit here and make a video of myself, it would be very corny. Thanks for the great site. I have found many interesting sites you have screencasted. Keep up the good work and I hope this pays off some day for you.

    Happy New Year.


  13. I like BlogCaster.
    The kids love watching this video of Aunt Molz!


  14. Here’s more


    Castoholic – for those who can’t stop screencasting!

    OK…here it is…. drum roll please….

    Merging Casting with Blogger…


  15. 15 Andriy

    A ***PROFESSIONAL BLOGER***??? Do you ever get paid? I mean… where are the ads?!
    (I guess my worldview is kindo outdated here…)

    Anyway, you’re pretty beatiful and ‘ve got an awesome voice! ))

  16. @ Andriy – Thankfully this blog is funded by another company. So yes, I do get paid to blog. It’s owned by my two wonderful brothers who’ve been looking at the big picture of the Web for years and years 🙂

  17. What am I doing wrong. In this video you ask “reload the page I guess that means “refresh'” Hit Enter or Spacebar then the control buttons I do all that and simply get the same message “Re-load the Page” What the ….. !

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