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The Internet is a magical place. You can find great places to eat, listen to music, and even find the cleanest “facilities” in your neighborhood. It’s also a place where you can help others, with little effort. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put effort into helping those in need, but sometimes you may […]

Spokeo is a “friend tracker” that keeps you updated about all of your friends activities across the different social networks they belong to. It may even show you sites you didn’t know your friends participated in. You can sign up using your AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! credentials and Spokeo will immediately search the Web […]

Mahalo, the human powered search engine, has some new social features that could really help get you better and more relevant search results.  Mahalo Social, obviously named for its social networking abilities, allows users on Mahalo to create profiles, make friends, yada, yada, yada.  Really, it’s not as boring as it sounds.  First of all, […]

I had sort of an epiphany this afternoon while thinking about how proud I was of myself for cleaning and organizing my closet last night. You see, one of the first things I thought was, “now I can see, at a glance, what is clean and what is dirty”. WTF?! At a glance? Why on […]

Pingg is a new digital invitation service that allows you to create stylish and professional looking invitations and manage your event with ease. First of all, pingg invitations are grown up looking. Even the kids invitations look professional. There are no banner ads and no clip art or cheesy designs. You can use what they […]

Squidnote is a group greeting service that allows you to create e-cards in which a whole group of people can collaborate on.  As the creator, you  choose the template for the card and the heading.  You then add a message anywhere on the card and can also add photos or stock art.  Then just choose […]

Technorati relaunched yesterday with a new look and a search and discovery tool called “The Technorati Percolator” .  The purpose of The Percolator is to bring you the most significant posts from blogs and main stream media.  The more popular posts rise to the top in The Percolator, making them easier for you to find.  […]