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SuperCook is a recipe search engine that helps you make a meal (or snack/dessert) out of what you have on hand in your kitchen. First of all, it works. Second of all, it helps you input items into your virtual kitchen which is also a big plus. Most of the recipe suggestion sites I’ve tried […]

Instapaper is a bookmarking site that does absolutely nothing else.  Seriously.  That’s why it’s so awesome.  From sign up to posting to your Instapaper account, it’s completely effortless.  Now, I really want to talk about the sign up process.  I have to sign up for numerous services every day in order to see if I’d […]

Have you ever tried to hunt down a great steakhouse in Dallas that also spins hip hop?  How about a hotel in Miami that only uses red sheets and has a 13th floor?  Well, Circos may just help you find a restaurant or hotel that caters to your bazaar requests.    Circos is a “me-centric” […]

SproutBuilder helps you create a slick flash widget, called a Sprout, that you can publish on almost any web page.  These Sprouts can be pages and pages long and include things like YouTube videos, Feed Readers, music, photos, Yahoo! Maps, almost anything you can think of.  You can link various items on your Sprout to […]

Morning Coffee is a Firefox Extension that lets you organize all of the sites you visit, by the day you want to visit them. For example, if one of your favorite blogs is only updated on Tuesdays, then you would add that to your Tuesday Morning Coffee, and so on. If you want to wake […]

EveryBlock works like a news feed for your neighborhood.  It gives you daily local information like business reviews, restaurant inspections, news, classified listings, etc.  It’s all based on neighborhood or zip code so you really know what’s going on in your specific neighborhood.  All of the news is listed as it is gathered by day.  […]

RSS is something that most people hear or see on a daily basis. Everyone should know what RSS is and how it can help you to aggregate all of the content you find on the Websites you visit every day into one place. (Yes, Mom, I’m talking to you.) RSS means Really Simple Syndication. That […]

So, as of a couple of days ago, my phone is not receiving text messages.  I know, I know, call my service provider and sort it out.  Well, it’s really not all that important to me at the moment and I really don’t feel like talking to those guys right now.  I did, however, do […]

PlanJam is a service that wants to help you plan the ultimate date or outing with your friends.  You begin by entering in the zip code or city you want to go out in and then choose what type of activity you’d like to participate it – romantic, girls just want to have fun, guys […]

Minimap is a neat little Firefox add-on that opens up a map in your sidebar where you can store addresses, view traffic, and get directions using Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live Local.  You can right click on any address on a web page and choose to immediately map that location in your Minimap or drag […]