Get seriously organized with Gmail filters (and some other tips you probably already know about)


Many people make a New Years resolution to “finally get organized!”. Well, since it is 2008, I’ll assume a lot of that talk being thrown around is about organizing your online life as well as your physical one. What better way to start then to clean up your email. Seriously, mine is a mess. It would frighten any semi-obsessive compulsive person. I decided to once again scour the Web for tips and tricks for organizing Gmail and along the way, I figured some things out on my own. The filters in Gmail are amazing. Even more amazing is using filters and labels together, like a team. If you create filters to achieve emails from certain people and then apply the appropriate labels to them, you never have to see them in your inbox again. They’ll be neatly stored in their own little space where you can read them at will. That’s something I figured out on my own today and I won’t be surprised if I was the last person to learn this little trick, but just in case I thought I’d show you how it’s done. I also ran into a few more tricks after spending too much time on the Gmail Blog and reading this post. Here’s my screencast tour of some Gmail Tips:
Update: Oops, I did it again.  Guess what I did.  Just take a wild guess…

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