How To “Remember The Milk” In Gmail and Google Calendar


Remember The Milk, a task management and organization tool, is now available to use in Gmail.  First, you need to install it and then your Gmail account will have a “tasks pane” on the right hand side, next to your inbox.  You can add tasks right in Gmail and  and even add emails and Gmail contacts into the tasks as well.  For example, if you star an email, it will be added to your tasks.  If you add the appropriate label to an email, it will also be added to your tasks.  You can turn these functions off, of course, but it is rather handy.  You have the ability to email or chat with your Gmail contacts by simply adding an action in the tasks pane before their name.  I also went ahead and threw in a quick demonstration of how you can use Remember The Milk in your Google Calendar.  Here’s my screencast tour of Remember The Milk in Gmail and Google Calendar:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m27s

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