Want To See How I Make A Screencast?


Not all screencasts are created equal.  What I mean by that is, there are lots of different tools one can use in order to create a screencast.  There are different types of software and applications such as Jing, Demo Builder, CamStudio, uTIPu, and what I use, Camtasia Studio.  There are also lots of different settings and effects you can use within those tools.  I decided to show you what steps I go through before, during, and after recording a screencast to end up with what you normally will see as an end product on DemoGirl.  This is not really a tutorial on how to use Camtasia Studio.  It’s more of a way for me to show you what settings I use when creating a screencast.  Hopefully it will be useful to those just getting started.

At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to record a screencast showing how I record a screencast.   Sound confusing?  Yeah, it did to me too.  Then I remembered that even though I long ago upgraded to Camtasia Studio Version 4, I still have Version 3.  So, I made the recording with version 3 but showed you all of the features I use in version 4.  Pretty nifty, huh?  Here’s my screencast tour of how I make screencasts for DemoGirl:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 7m49s

Want this screencast on your site?  Click here to get the code for this and other DemoGirl screencasts

25 Responses to “Want To See How I Make A Screencast?”

  1. ’bout time. /me smiles. Now do tell how you did a screencast of a screencaste? dual instances of CS?

  2. Thanks, btw..that one is VERY much appreciated as I wondered if it was worth getting CS again. I used it years ago and am happy to see some very good progress in the software.

  3. 3 Tyler

    You do outstanding work, I’ve been tunning in for quite some time. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable these screen casts are. As a software developer at a consulting firm I’m constantly trying to keep abreast of all the new product launches and trying to discern exactly what’s out there. You help keep me from being blind sided!

    Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop.


  4. @Chris – I do have different versions of Camtasia so I recorded with v3 and showed how I use v4. Hope it helped you make a decision, although I don’t have v5 yet, which has even more cool features.

    @Tyler – Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the screencasts. Glad to know they’re actually useful!

  5. 5 Lynn

    Thank you! This screencast was particularly helpful for a newbie like me. Since discovering your site, I’ve added Demogirl.com to my reader and look forward to watching each of your new screencasts. You do superb work by clearly explaining each feature or each step (as the case may be). Keep up the good work. I’ll keep watching =)

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea how much work was involved! You do a fantastic job to make it all appear so seemless and effortless! There is great complexity in making things appear simple, huh? I love this site too. Keep up the great work.


  7. Cool, thanks for taking the time.

  8. This was weird to watch: it’s what I’ve been doing at teach-me.org for the last six months now.

    Most of it we do the same, although we put a bit more effort into the branding, with an introductory title clip and one at the end for instance. We also combine callouts with the narration because that helps our users memorize what they see.

    We’ve decided not to switch to v5 yet, although it’s starting to itch; like you said: lotsa cool features in there.

    Anyway, it was fun to see this. Keep on screencasting!

  9. Hey Nils, I love the music in the video on your homepage. Great work!

  10. Why kind of microphone are you using?

    Love your screencasts! You have inspired me to finally get the ball rolling for some of my own.



  11. 11 Fred

    Hey demogirl,
    Excellent screencast. Can you tell me when you used version 3 to show version 4 did you actually click on the make a recording button in version 4? That would have made two recorders working at the same time. Can you send me more detailed instructions on how to do this please? I have version 4 and the newest version 5. Just lost on how to show people how to use version 5 using version 4. Whewww! That was a long post. Hope you can help me here. Keep up the great work demogirl.

    Thanks Fred (Fellow Screencaster)

  12. 12 John M

    Molly, ol’ buddy, I tried to watch this video and gave up because the narration seems muddy to me. Did you do this one while chomping down some mashed potatoes? mashed turnips? punkin pie?

    Now, before you ask, my hearing isn’t perfect, and, in fact, some female voices give me a problem with discrimination, i.e. picking up the consonants at the beginnings and/or endings of words.

    However, I would remind you that many of your prospective readers have less-than-great hearing. You, and others who want to expound on screencasts or podcasts or whatever, need to heed the advice of old Father Ulrich in German class: “Sprechen sie langsam und deutlich” – Speak slowly and clearly.

  13. 13 John M

    Ahem (clearing throat) (softly)

    Molly, ol’ buddy, from a professional standpoint, you also need to watch those, well, those Valley Girl inflections in your voice.

    This is just as important as eliminating a Boston or Long Island accent if you aspire to anything including public speaking – like doing screencasts…

    The content is easy. Putting it over well is not.

    Just tryin’ to be helpful…


  14. DG,

    We at http://www.kairouan.org like the way you make things look so easy!

    Yhank you for taking the time to test the metioned services an eliver your opinion


  15. Hello Demogirl,
    I found this blog via Blogcatalog. I am enjoying it very much. Thanks for the work you do here! 😀

    I am gonna try make screencasts – thanks to this tutorial!

  16. 16 Steve Lewis

    Hello Demogirl,

    The “How to make a Screencast” was very clear and very well done like all your work. Making screencasts is one thing but making them so they are entertaining and interesting is a real talent. Thanks for sharing them.

    -Steve Lewis

  17. Molly,
    Great work! Have you purchased v5? Any change in your work flow using the new version? Art

  18. 18 Nikkie

    Molly – you’re great! I love the fact that these allow me to learn so much in such a short amunt of time.

    Also, I recommend Camtasia to anyone starting out with screencasts. Super easy to use and the latest version is even better! You can check it out for free for 30 days. That’s what I did before buying the full version (worth it).

    @ John M – I hope you’re friends with DemoGirl, otherwise, why the condescendingly informal tone? I think your comment about the accent may hold a tiny bit of water, but that’s a terrible way to give constructive feedback.

  19. DemoCreator could also be one in the screen recording software list. http://www.sameshow.com/democreator/demo-creator-client.html#107
    Here are some samples created by this software.

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