PlanJam Will Make Your Date Think You’re Cool


PlanJam is a service that wants to help you plan the ultimate date or outing with your friends.  You begin by entering in the zip code or city you want to go out in and then choose what type of activity you’d like to participate it – romantic, girls just want to have fun, guys night out, etc.  You’re then presented with numerous types of activities to help narrow down your search.  You can choose from adventure, entertainment and events, nightlife, and food and sweets.  Once you find things that interest you, you can drag and drop them into a little planner and it will even tell you how much time you should allow for the entire evening and about how much money you should be prepared to spend.  You can share the plan, save it for later, and even view maps for all of the locations you’ll be visiting.

I created a screencast of PlanJam in October, but since then the site has gone through a redesign.  They have also created 3 screencasts of their own showing you how to use PlanJam and explaining the features.  There was really no point in me making another screencast when theirs are done so well, but I thought I should definitely include them here on DemoGirl.    Click here to watch the PlanJam screencasts.

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