Circos Will Help You Find A 5 Star Restaurant Where You Can Eat Topless (Ok, Maybe Not 5 Star)


Have you ever tried to hunt down a great steakhouse in Dallas that also spins hip hop?  How about a hotel in Miami that only uses red sheets and has a 13th floor?  Well, Circos may just help you find a restaurant or hotel that caters to your bazaar requests.    Circos is a “me-centric” search engine that lets you choose every last detail that’s important to you in a restaurant or hotel.  You can request everything from the type of food to the ambiance.  Circos will crawl the web to find the perfect match.  It searches through blog posts, review sites, and forums and presents you with a list of results – each one having a “report card” grading how well each term you chose is matched.  You can compare each result to find one in a specific neighborhood or within your price range.  Circos is currently only available in 16 major cities but does have plans to expand beyond restaurants and hotels in the future.  Here’s my screencast tour of Circos:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 3m28s

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11 Responses to “Circos Will Help You Find A 5 Star Restaurant Where You Can Eat Topless (Ok, Maybe Not 5 Star)”

  1. 1 Bryan

    bazaar requests? Requests for marketplaces? Or perhaps you meant bizarre requests? As in “out of the ordinary”.

  2. Oops! Thanks, Bryan! I’m just going to blame that one on the fact that I’ve been sick all week and I just turned 30 😉 .

  3. And yes, I’m going to leave it that way on purpose so everyone can continue to make fun of my misuse of spelling.

  4. 4 Rick

    Well, then, Happy Birthday! How bazaar! 🙂

  5. You’re old. Hey Brian…look you’re famous! Perhaps.

  6. Thanks, Rick! Chris, you’re mean and why is Bryan almost famous? How about we leave the comments section open to what it’s supposed to be used for – comments about the service I so diligently took the time to create a screencast for 🙂 .

  7. It was late. You’re not old, I promise…your better, that’s all. 😉 And as always, good work DG!

  8. Thanks for reviewing our site Molly – you did a great job with the screencast! We’ll keep you posted as we launch new categories.

  9. 9 julian

    why is it famous?

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