Got The Munchies But Not Much Food On Hand? SuperCook To The Rescue!


SuperCook is a recipe search engine that helps you make a meal (or snack/dessert) out of what you have on hand in your kitchen. First of all, it works. Second of all, it helps you input items into your virtual kitchen which is also a big plus. Most of the recipe suggestion sites I’ve tried out give me results that still require me to make a trip to the store. SuperCook gave me hundreds of recipes that I could make with only what I entered into my virtual kitchen – and believe me, it’s not a lot. Every time you add or remove an item, your recipe list automatically updates with new results. When you click on a recipe, you’re brought to the where it originated but you can save all of the recipes to your SuperCook account. Time to go make some peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip cookies. Here’s my screencast tour of SuperCook:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m21s

Want this screencast on your site? Click here to get the code for this and other DemoGirl screencasts!

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4 Responses to “Got The Munchies But Not Much Food On Hand? SuperCook To The Rescue!”

  1. Nice find! Sometimes simplicity is genius! They do it right…and so do you.
    I love familyoven but this site seems so much more useful and easy to use.


    p.s. I’m hungry all of a sudden!

  2. 2 Doug Barense

    i agree – this is a great site! thanks for the democast!

  3. Great site, I could kiss ya.

  4. 4 Laza

    Site is very well designed, although results are sometimes confusing. I prefer using as it often gives more results, and does not have predetermined ingredient list, but you can type any ingredient that comes to your mind. Also, there is convenient tagging feature for narrowing results by types of cuisines and meals.

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