Instapaper Is Simplicity At Its Best


Instapaper is a bookmarking site that does absolutely nothing else.  Seriously.  That’s why it’s so awesome.  From sign up to posting to your Instapaper account, it’s completely effortless.  Now, I really want to talk about the sign up process.  I have to sign up for numerous services every day in order to see if I’d like to cover them on DemoGirl.  Sometimes the hoops I have to jump through are just plain ridiculous.  In fact, if there are too many hoops, I’ll just skip it.  In order to sign up for Instapaper all you need to do is enter whatever text you want into a little box.  That’s it.  You can use a username, an email, a curse word, whatever your little heart desires.  You’re automatically logged into your account after that.  You can then add a password, but it’s not required.  AMAZING!  I decide how much privacy I need.  Ok, now onto what Instapaper does:

Let’s say you’re working but you come across a great article that you want to read later.  Just click on the Instapaper bookmarklet in your browser toolbar and go about your business.  You don’t have to type anything in, save it to a specific folder, add tags, send it to friends, blah, blah, blah.  It’s automatically saved to your Instapaper account where you can read it later, delete it, or skip it.  There are no adds on the site, flashy colors, or anything else to distract you from what you want to read later.  It’s simply straightforward and wonderful.  Here’s my screencast tour of Instapaper:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 1m38s

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[via TechCrunch]

3 Responses to “Instapaper Is Simplicity At Its Best”

  1. 1 mark

    Great find, a real “why hadn’t somebody thought of this before” experience. I’m gonna use this all the time. Thanks!

    Amused by your reaction to the password-optional feature. I don’t hate passwords so much as thinking them up. I couldn’t live without a password generator.

  2. I wonder if the success of Instapaper is part of a larger trend focusing on web apps touting simplicity and functionality rather than feature-richness?

  3. Good stuff. I think you’re onto something Mr. Murphy…let’s hope we see more instapleasing apps. Thanks DG, good find.

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