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So, as of a couple of days ago, my phone is not receiving text messages.  I know, I know, call my service provider and sort it out.  Well, it’s really not all that important to me at the moment and I really don’t feel like talking to those guys right now.  I did, however, do […]

PlanJam is a service that wants to help you plan the ultimate date or outing with your friends.  You begin by entering in the zip code or city you want to go out in and then choose what type of activity you’d like to participate it – romantic, girls just want to have fun, guys […]

Minimap is a neat little Firefox add-on that opens up a map in your sidebar where you can store addresses, view traffic, and get directions using Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live Local.  You can right click on any address on a web page and choose to immediately map that location in your Minimap or drag […]

CuePrompter is a service that will turn your browser into a teleprompter in just seconds. There are really only two steps – enter your script into the text box and choose the size of your screen and font. You can then adjust the speed of the scrolling text, reverse direction, and pause it. This is […]

Working alone can sometimes make a person act a little strange. Seriously. There’s no one to talk to except yourself and your friends on IM and it can get very lonely. This can lead to very odd behavior. It can even make a person change their jacket 3 times in a very short period of […]

This blog is usually just where I post screencasts I create for cool things I find on the Web. You may notice that there aren’t any ads up and all of the screencasts are free to view and share. While I’d like it if I could simply get paid to find cool stuff and create […]

Mobile O/X allows you to create your own personalized domain where you can add all of your favorite websites that can be accessed all in one place from any computer.  The sign up process is very quick and a bit different.  It requires you to just enter in your cell phone number and then you’ll […]