Don’t Be Lonely On Heart Day. Tell Your Crush How You Feel With HadToSay


HadToSay gives you a fun way to tell your love interest that you’re, well, interested. It’s completely anonymous and your messages can be sent via email or you can print out a card with a code on it that they’ll use to access your message. They can reply to your message without signing up for anything and you can both continue communications back and forth for as long as you like. HadToSay doesn’t have to be used strictly for telling a secret crush how you feel. You can use it to tell someone you’re already involved with that you’re thinking of them or print out one of the cards and slip it in their briefcase for them to find while they’re at work. If you’re fighting, you can use HadToSay to apologize. It may not be the brightest idea, but the excitement of finding one of those little cards just may make your partner forgive you. Do what you want with it but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I say don’t spend 4 bucks on a Hallmark card…print out one of the free HadToSay cards and surprise someone special! Here’s my screencast tour of HadToSay:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m6s

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[via KillerStartups]

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