SongTapper – Ridiculous But Useful Time Waster


If you ever feel like you’re about to freak out because you have some song stuck in your head but can’t seem to remember the name, then SongTapper may be just what you need. Yes, I know you can just enter in a few lines from the song into Google search and probably find your answer there. That is not nearly as fun as beating the rhythm of the song on your space bar and receiving your results without having to enter in one line of text. SongTapper allows you to do just that. The site design is nothing to write home about but there’s nothing to sign up for and it actually works. All you do is click on a link and then start tapping the rhythm of the song on your space bar. SongTapper will spit out some results and you can even listen to what your tapping sounded like. If SongTapper didn’t get your song right you can enter in the name and artist to help train it. Unfortunately, the reason a person would visit SongTapper is because they don’t know the name or artist so that step seems totally pointless to me. Other than that, it’s a fun way to find out the name of a song without doing a Google search and it actually got my songs right 3 out of 4 times.

2 Responses to “SongTapper – Ridiculous But Useful Time Waster”

  1. I thought this was a great idea, but I tried it and it couldn’t recognise any of the songs I tried to tap! Could be that I don’t have a very good sense of rhythm!!

  2. 2 michelle

    No Nik, it’s just so stiupid ;]

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