WhyGoSolo Wants You To Get Out Of The House And Make New Friends


WhyGoSolo may be just the place to go if you have just moved to a new city or want to do something exciting that your regular friends aren’t interested in trying. I signed up a few days ago and started creating my profile only to suddenly get really bored creating yet another profile on yet another social networking site. This morning I decided I should take another look to see what the site was really about. Boy, I’m glad I did. The name of the site really hits home for me because I find myself pretty much always having to “GoSolo” when I want to try things out in the city. Being new to a place and working at home can really put a damper on your social life and WhyGoSolo wants to try and fix that.

You begin by creating a profile and you can choose as much or as little information about yourself to be included. Besides a profile page you’re also given a place to blog, add photos, create groups, and post community listings. Groups and community listings are really what makes WhyGoSolo stand out. You can create a group for whatever you can think of – biking enthusiasts, local artists, music lovers, anything niche. I joined The Wing Women group which is meant to connect women who’d like to meet other women to hang out with within their city. You can also create listings for activities you want to try out but possibly don’t have anyone to do them with. When someone is interested in your activity (ie: biking Golden Gate Bridge on Friday) they can send you a handshake which is just like saying hello. The handshake is how you’ll connect with the person planning the activity and it’s their decision to accept or deny it. If you make plans and you don’t show up then it will be noted in your “flake-out score”. The flake-out score will help other members know if you’re reliable or not.

While I really like the idea of WhyGoSolo, it needs more members. I didn’t see any real worth while groups in the San Francisco area which means that until more people sign up, I’ll still be going solo.

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  1. Hi Demo Girl!!

    I’m really happy you came back and gave us another chance which allowed you to discover our value 😉 Really happy to hear that.

    We realize that we are slim on membership…we’ve only been live for 7 weeks and opened up the site for about 4 weeks. We know it will take a bit of time to build our membership and we also know that not everyone will want to build a profile since they already have one elsewhere and friends all around various sites. So with that being said…we are working really hard to integrate in the other networks and get a blog widget going. We don’t want you to GoSolo!!

    If you add our Facebook application and post some listings on WhyGoSolo your network on FB will be able to see what you are interested in doing. Also, we’ll be on twitter soon.

    Really happy you joined the Wing Women group…my big reason for starting WhyGoSolo in the first place – finding fun and exciting new girlfriends.

    I’ll be looking for your listings when I finally go make my way over to SF!

    Take care,

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