Make Your PC Look More Like A Mac With RocketDock


I think it would be safe to say that I have a wee case of Mac envy.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do love my brand-spanking-new Dell laptop but whenever I look at a friends Mac I just think “ooh…precious”.  One feature I’m especially mesmerized by is the pretty dock where all of the desktop icons sit.  So, this morning I decided to go on a hunt for a similar dock for Windows and about 2 minutes into my Google search I came across RocketDock.  RocketDock gives you quick access to all of your icons and definitely resembles the Mac dock (although the icons do not).  It also allows you to store minimized browser windows on the dock for easy access and if you use Vista you get real-time window previews.  The look and feel is totally customizable and you can auto-hide it any time you like.  Here’s my screencast tour of RocketDock:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 3m53s

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8 Responses to “Make Your PC Look More Like A Mac With RocketDock”

  1. 1 Paisano

    Neato! I too suffer from Mac envy (also iEnvy cause of that blasted iPhone)!
    This is a cool idea. Thanks for the screencast!
    By the way, I like the new look of the screencasts, especially the flip transitions and even the player. Was that all part of the new camtasia? Nice either way.


  2. 2 Colin9342

    Thxs DemoGirl.

    Great. My desktop is always cluttered (someday I’ll get to clean it up. Never seems to come). RocketDock is a classy program Well documented, professionally produced- and its FREE.. I have made a donation Well bought their T Shirt.

    Geesh I’m so delighted you could tell me about it. Thxs again………….

  3. RocketDock rocks, I’ve been using for two years now. 🙂 I have had so many ppl say wow!

  4. 4 Sakuralew

    I did that with my dell laptop to except with stardock which is very simular. People are very amazed by it too.

  5. 5 michelle

    there is also ‘Aqua Dock’ wich I have instaled yaers ago

  6. cool. i actually am already using it. it works great and they have tons of themes to make it look like a mac. and that’s nonsense about the icons. just download a set of mac icons and you can set those icons to use on rocketdock. mine looks almost excactly like leopard os x. if you want a dock that looks like tiger os x, go with objectdock. it looks almost excactly like it, and that’s the default theme :).

    i have my whole computer looking like a mac, but underneath that flashy hac skin, it’s just plain old boring xp! but at least you’ll never know!

  7. 7 kdy

    I’m a long time Mac user, but had to get a PC for work reasons. This is fantastic, makes me feel like I’m on my Mac. You guys rock!!!!!

  8. 8 andy

    i loaded all my shortcuts to the quicklaunch tool bar and view them with large icons. Granted this set up is not very customizable but it really does clean up my desktop!

    That said, it is programs like rocketdoc that still make PC’s worthy.

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