Friday Quickcast Special: Hottnotes & Waitable


It’s Friday and that means it’s time to share a couple of sites with you in the quickest way possible – A Quickcast!  The first site I’ll show you is Hottnotes.  Hottnotes is a sticky note program for your computer.  It’s completely free and is pretty easy on the eyes.  The second site I’m going to share with you is Waitable.  Waitable allows you to set price drop alerts for products on Amazon.  You can choose to be alerted via email and/or text message.  It takes seconds to set up an alert but I’m not sure if it works yet because the shoes I want have not dropped in price (and probably never will).

Stick a rusty fork in me, I’m done.  Have a great weekend and click the link below to watch the Quickcast:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 5m14s

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3 Responses to “Friday Quickcast Special: Hottnotes & Waitable”

  1. 1 Owen

    Hello Demo Girl,

    I hope that the price of your shoes will drop 🙂

    Please also take a look at Price!pinx ( and inform your readers about it.

    Price!pinx allows shoppers to request price drop alerts for any product on almost any retailer’s website. The free service smoothly integrates into your online shopping experience by using a smart bookmark: on the retailer’s website you click the smart bookmark which automatically records the product information and the price for you. Price!pinx then monitors the price and notifies you about price drops as they happen.

    With Price!pinx your selection of fashionable shoes or other products is not be limited to You could !pinx (setup a price alert) for great products on any website.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    Price!pinx – price drop alerts made easy …

  2. 2 Nick

    You are one smart, beautiful, resourceful and valuable talent.


    I’m very glad that you do this. Not everything that you post is up my alley; but I dare not miss any because I never know when one that I can use will come up.

    I have your RSS feed and check on it every day because to me this is a priceless site to reference.

    Thanks, Honeybunch!

  3. 3 chotdiggity

    hottnotes is a nice little utility, not perfect, but free. Unfortunately, in the free software world hottnotes is what I consider “deadware.” The author of the program has not updated it in over a year. No new releases, bugfixes, or news of any kind. Not to mention the website forum has had a serious case of spam-rot for just about that long as well. This is the nature of free software sometimes. Demo Girl, it would probably be more beneficial for your website’s bottom line and for your users if you would plug a “sticky note” program that is active and supported shareware (perhaps you could get a cut) or freeware that is recently active (say something has happened in the last 3-6mos) and/or has a user community that doesn’t consist of russian spambots.

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