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Deskload is a tool that allows you to organize and save your bookmarks in a way that resembles your desktop.  These bookmarks are represented by icons and can be arranged in any order you like.  You can create multiple Deskloads, customize the background of each one, and you can access your Deskloads from any computer.  […]

As most of you probably know, the way we monetize DemoGirl and keep the screencasts I make for this site free for you to view, is by creating custom screencasts for various companies.  The only major flaw in that plan is that sometimes I don’t have time to make screencasts for DemoGirl because, well, I […]

Pixton is the most amazing thing I have ever come across on the Internet. Ok, maybe not the most amazing, but it is so freaking awesome that I couldn’t help but share it. What is this amazing thing I’m talking about? Well, I’ll tell you what it’s not – It’s not something that will help […]

First of all, I have to say that the inspiration for this screencast came from this post I read this morning on Lifehacker. It’s all about 10 plug-ins that will make your IM experience with Pidgin, better. I read through it and quickly thought, “I had no idea there were plug-ins within Pidgin”. I just […]

HadToSay gives you a fun way to tell your love interest that you’re, well, interested. It’s completely anonymous and your messages can be sent via email or you can print out a card with a code on it that they’ll use to access your message. They can reply to your message without signing up for […]

Iminta is a service that wants to help you and your friends share what you’re into (hence the name) across the different social networks you belong to.  The difference between Iminta and other social networking sites is that your friends don’t have to belong to twitter to see your tweets and they don’t have to […]

Speed Dial is a Firefox Extension that allows you to quickly access all of your favorite websites with a few clicks on your keyboard or mouse.  After you install Speed Dial you just need to enter in the URL for the sites you want to access.  These sites are all numbered so you can use […]