Learn How To Play Guitar And How To Speak A New Language, All From Your Desk


So, first off, I’d like to ask my crummy old guitar teacher for my money back.  If I had know about the site I’m about to share with you, it would have saved me a lot of frustration going to lessons instructed by a grumpy, washed up musician (sorry, but he was mean).  Songsterr helps you learn how to play and sing songs, chord by chord.  The chords and lyrics are given to you and Songsterr plays them over and over until you decide you want to move on.  You can also set it on autopilot and it will play through the entire song.  In all seriousness, this won’t replace a human instructor (if you have a nice one) and there are only a handful of songs available on the site, one of them being a most hated of mine – Hey There Delilah.  If you don’t already know your fingering for the chords, you won’t have much luck learning anything here either.  But, this is a brand new service and the “coming soon” features sound very promising.  I recommend giving it a look if you haven’t picked up your guitar in a while and just want to learn a new song.

If learning a new language is your thing, you definitely should take a look at babbel.  Babbel gives you all the tools to learn how to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, or English.  Everything is taken care of here, even the hardest for me – p-r-o-n-u-n-c-i-a-t-i-o-n.  You decide what types of words you feel like learning that day, and babbel will start your training.  It starts with a photo describing the word and a nice voice saying the word for you in the language you selected.  After you hear 6 words it moves on with the audio and photos separated.  You just match the audio with the correct photo and you can move onto step three – spelling.  Again, you’ll only see the photo and all you need to do is type in the first letter of the word (I think they should make you spell the whole word, but that’s just me).  Your lessons are stored and you’re encouraged to retest yourself in a few days.  There are a lot of language learning sites out there, but this is by far the best I’ve come across.

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  1. first you learn how to play chords of guitar then your hands will peel and hard but dont worry
    it always hard?

    second you play guitar 6 hours you learn how to play the guitar?

    congratiolations you know how to play guitar with your own

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