Craigslist Blocks Crgslst — It Annoys Me


I’m a little bummed out this morning. It seems that craigslist is blocking crgslst. LAME. I just want to point one thing out — yesterday I was looking on craigslist for an apartment (no roomy, don’t fret I’m just looking for fun). While I was there I also checked out scooters and cars. This morning, I quickly went to crgslst to search for a desk. Too bad I couldn’t search for one because I received this message: “Help! Craigslist has blocked our beloved service. Please help by sending an email to on our behalf.”. The reason I went to crgslst this morning and not craigslist is because crgslst is better to search for things, like a desk, quickly and I can come back to my searches. I’ll still visit craigslist because it has some things that crgslst doesn’t. Please kids, can we play together nicely like our Moms and Dads always taught us too?

4 Responses to “Craigslist Blocks Crgslst — It Annoys Me”

  1. this tool searches nationwide + ads watcher (notifer)
    check it out

  2. 2 tim

    craigslist has every right to block a service that is just ripping off their service. craig has spent a lot of time on craigslist, and if someone is just stealing his content, it’s grounds to block the site.

  3. 3 foo

    So if I start making $$ off your website without your consent what will be your response?

  4. @Tim, of course craigslist has every right. At the bottom of the post you’ll see I tagged it “rant”. 😉

    @foo – people steal my content every day and make money from the ads on their site. Crgslst doesn’t have any ads up and links to the original ad on craigslist. It was just a nice little tool to use every once in a while.

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