Helps You Remember Stuff – No Registration Needed

26Mar08 gives you a simple way to set up reminders to be sent to your email.  The best part is that you don’t have to register for anything in order to use it.  Registration isn’t even an option.  All you need to do is enter in your email, add some event details, and choose when you want it sent.  It’s kind of like that infomercial for the Ronco Rotisserie, “Set it and forget it!”  There are also two handy bookmarklets – one for quickly setting reminders for things like eBay auctions and one for sending Webpages you want to come back to later, to your email.  Here’s my screencast tour of

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m24s

Want this screencast on your site?  Click here to get the code for this and other DemoGirl screencasts!

3 Responses to “ Helps You Remember Stuff – No Registration Needed”

  1. 1 BeRto

    Love the Screencast, much better than screen shots.

  2. 2 ashish

    i never thought there would be a site that offers a service w/o registration. very cool! the site is straight forward, to the point, and without and fluff. great screencast!

  3. 3 Korina

    can you give me a list of stuff that will help me remember stuff without being told

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