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Brightkite allows you to share where you are, at any given moment, through the Web or SMS.  Like Twitter, you can also post a note sharing what you’re currently doing.  Unlike Twitter, your friends will be able to see where you are when you’re doing these very important things.  Besides just posting your location and […]

Update Scanner is a Firefox Extension that will alert you whenever a Website has been updated.  It installs an arrow icon in the lower right hand corner of your browser window.  When a site you’ve added to Update Scanner has changes, it will turn purple and you’ll see a small toaster notification.  You can add […]

Chilirec is a service that records music from various Internet radio stations and allows you to create playlists to listen to from the Chilirec player. When you first get started, you need to select what Internet stations you want Chilirec to record from – there are currently 351 available. Chilirec will then begin to add […]

Last weekend I went to a great dinner with a bunch of fancy pants.  When the bill came (I didn’t realize we’d ordered the platinum cheese plate) some credit cards were thrown down for credit card roulette.  What this means is that the owner of the card that the server picks out of the pile, […]

If you’ve jumped on the FriendFeed/Twitter wagon but you’re not all that impressed with Alert Thingy or Twhirl, then you may want to have a look at MySocial 24×7.  It’s a Firefox Extension that allows you to connect with your FriendFeed account in your sidebar.  You can view what your friends are posting all around […]

Walabok allows you to receive video or audio messages from your blog readers or email recipients.  All you really need to do is add a Walabok button to your website or insert it into your email signature.  There is no sign up either – just enter in your email address and Walabok will send you […]

CamTwist is an application that allows you to add special effects to webcam video.  It works with services such as,,, and Skype and adds effects like bubbles, flames, earthquake, and bullet holes (sweet!).  It requires OS X 10.4 and is completely free to use. I don’t own a Mac, but thankfully I […]

Taboo is a Firefox Extension that allows you to easily save a tab you want to return to later. Taboo not only saves the tab but it also saves it exactly as you were viewing it. For example, if you were in the middle of reading a long blog post and needed to close the […]

While talking to my Mom the other day, the subject of text messaging came up. She said that she doesn’t understand why anyone would send a text message over making an actual call. I tried to explain to her that sometimes you just don’t want to talk to the person – you just want to […]

Recently, I’ve started listening to NPR on my laptop when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning.  I’ve always needed some sort of background noise in order to sleep and having the TV on is just too distracting.  NPR is great, but I think Stitcher is going to […]