Understand Your New WordPress.com Dashboard


About a week ago I noticed that my WordPress.com dashboard looked different. At first I thought it was a mistake because I hadn’t heard about any updates. Boy was I wrong. Where was I when they were making the decision to redesign the dashboard? Who cares, I love it and I want you to love it too and understand all of the features. The best part is that I don’t even need to make a screencast because Matt Mullenweg already made one! So, I’m a little late in the game on this one, but I thought since I use WordPress.com I should probably share a screencast involving WordPress.com.

3 Responses to “Understand Your New WordPress.com Dashboard”

  1. 1 abbycopuyoc

    I did notice that the wordpress dashboard is quite different. I actually like and it is much user friendly — and much friendlier to the widgets that i want to put on my blog. WordPress really rocks.

    Do you need laptop batteries?

  2. Hallo Sir,

    I like and love the new dashboard of wordpress. But I have problem to editing comment of our guest via handphone (sony ericsson-opera mini browser). Could yo help me?

    Thanks for your response. 😀

  3. 3 trollmobil

    Ich verstehe überhaupt nichts mehr….. 😦

    Und mein Avatar ist auch weg!

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