Show Your Friends What You’re Doing With FaceRoller


FaceRoller not only wants you to tell everyone, “what are you doing” but also to show them what you’re doing.  That’s right, it’s like Twitter, but better, but not really.  Let me explain:  With FaceRoller, you simply snap a photo with your webcam, add an update (what are you doing) and your photo will automatically be geotagged with your location as well.  Now everyone will know where you were when you were doing it.  You can also snap photos with your cell phone, upload photos from your computer, and email them with your own FaceRoller email address.  There is also Facebook and Flickr integration so every time you post an update, your photos will be added to a FaceRoller photo album on both sites, if you allow permission to do so.  You can add people as friends, follow their “Rolls”, and subscribe to the RSS Feed so you’ll always be updated.

Now for the problems I had with FaceRoller.  There’s no privacy.  Every time you post a snapshot, it goes right to the public page and there’s no opportunity to delete it or mark it for only certain people to see.  When you reply to a snapshot, it goes right to the top of the public page and doesn’t say who you are replying to or what you are replying about.  There’s also very little explanation of what you’re supposed to do with FaceRoller — kind of like how no one knew quite what to do with Twitter last year.  With that said, I do like the idea of FaceRoller and would love to know what you think of it as well.  Here’s my screencast tour of FaceRoller:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 2m58s

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One Response to “Show Your Friends What You’re Doing With FaceRoller”

  1. 1 viju

    This is like a version 10.0 of twitter, but their privacy settings are so appalling. I dont know why any one would join this, apart from say Paris Hilton or Britney or some other self-obsessed attention seekers?

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