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Recently, I’ve started listening to NPR on my laptop when I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning.  I’ve always needed some sort of background noise in order to sleep and having the TV on is just too distracting.  NPR is great, but I think Stitcher is going to be my new morning online radio.

Stitcher allows you to listen to stories from popular blogs and Websites such as TechCruch, VentureBeat, The Onion Radio, The Weather Channel, and much more.  When you first log into Stitcher, you’ll see stations that you can choose from (ie: sports, comedy, Silicon Valley Professional) and within those stations are various streams of audio from specific sites.  You can create a favorites list of all your favorite content so all you need to do is press play.  Over time, Stitcher will learn what you like and suggest stations to you.  Of course, the best part of Stitcher for most of you out there is that you can listen to it on your iPhone which could make your morning commute a little more enjoyable.  Stitcher is currently in private beta but if I get my hands on any invites, I’ll pass them on.

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3 Responses to “Listen To Your Favorite Blogs With Stitcher”

  1. I’m definitely interested in an invite if you get some.

    Did you notice that I embedded your screenshot on my last blog post? (


  2. 2 ElisabethStitcher

    Demo Girl and Paul,

    Glad to hear you are interested Stitcher!

    Starting today, you can click on the link to sign up and preview our site.

    Please let us know what you like, and especially what we could do better by hitting the “Contact” button or emailing us at

    We hope you enjoy the Stitcher service and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. 3 Chris Clement

    Good Stuff! Thanks Molz and thank you, too ElisabethStitcher…and the iphone link…love it.

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