Add Special Effects To Your Video Stream With CamTwist (Mac Only)


CamTwist is an application that allows you to add special effects to webcam video.  It works with services such as,,, and Skype and adds effects like bubbles, flames, earthquake, and bullet holes (sweet!).  It requires OS X 10.4 and is completely free to use.

I don’t own a Mac, but thankfully I found a screencast put together by David over at Tech-Recipes.  There’s a YouTube video below and a higher resolution video here.  If you know of any Windows compatible software that compares to CamTwist, please share in the comments.

[via Tech-Recipes]

3 Responses to “Add Special Effects To Your Video Stream With CamTwist (Mac Only)”

  1. 1 Nunya

    WebCam Max, though not free seems to have much of the same functionality.

  2. 2 Nunya

    ManyCam also has some of this functionality for free.

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