Buxfer Will Make Your iPhone Holding Friends Pay Their Share Of The Bill


Last weekend I went to a great dinner with a bunch of fancy pants.  When the bill came (I didn’t realize we’d ordered the platinum cheese plate) some credit cards were thrown down for credit card roulette.  What this means is that the owner of the card that the server picks out of the pile, has to pay the entire bill.  I did not throw my credit card in because, frankly, I didn’t even have enough money in my account to cover the bill.  Out of 12 people, only 5 put in their cards.  What I later learned, is that if you didn’t put your card in, you need to give the loser your share of the bill.  Seems reasonable, right?  Wrong.  I still owe the poor guy 40 bucks and I don’t know if he ever got money from the rest of the people who didn’t put their card in.  Enter Buxfer:

Buxfer helps you track your money and keep track of who owes you what.  You can sync it with your credit card and bank accounts so you can see exactly where your money is being spent.  It allows you to send and receive payments using Amazon Payments so your friends can’t use the excuse that “they don’t have the cash on them right now”.  The most useful part of Buxfer is that you can do all this from the Web, SMS, Twitter, and your iPhone.

So, to my friend who got screwed at dinner last weekend, these screencasts of how to use Buxfer on the Web and with the iPhone, are for you:

Buxfer for the iPhone

Buxfer on the Web

2 Responses to “Buxfer Will Make Your iPhone Holding Friends Pay Their Share Of The Bill”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful advice directed straight at me! 😉

  2. If there’s one thing I learned from the great people at Rev3, it’s that when all else fails, talk about Prager.

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