Presdo Makes Online Scheduling Hot


Presdo is an online scheduling application that helps you to quickly, and attractively, schedule events with a group of people.  It’s very minimalistic from the get go, only requiring you to type in what you want to do with your guests before bringing you to another page where you can add locations and more event details.  It understands basic commands like “dinner with Jerry next week at 8pm” and remembers contacts you’ve added in the past.  You can add a location by entering in the exact address or you can do a search based on the type of place you’re looking for and the location.  Your guests can suggest different times and you can message back and forth from your event page, all without them having to sign up.  All of your events are listed on one page and you’ll be notified any time someone has made a change.

I really, really hate using the word “sexy” when referring to Web applications, but I’ll make an exception for Presdo.  It’s especially weird to refer to it in that way because it’s an online scheduling application — who knew scheduling dinner with friends could be so hot?  Here’s my screencast tour of Presdo:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 3m3s

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[via TechCrunch]

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