Some Of The Many Twitter Courtiers: Part Deux


I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks Twitter has been receiving a lot of attention.  Seriously, it’s being talked about at dinner parties, at happy hour, and all over the Internet.  It could be that my friends and I just don’t have anything better to talk about or it could be that Twitter is spreading like a Southern California wild fire.  Since Twitter is becoming more and more popular, Twitter applications and Twitter Bots are popping up all over the place as well.  I wrote a post a few weeks ago showcasing some of the “Twitter Courtiers” that I had come across and since then, many more have surfaced.  So, without further adu, I present to you “Some Of The Many Twitter Courtiers, Part Deux”:

TwitterSnooze allows you to put a virtual snooze button on some of your overzealous Twitter followers.  You just need to enter in your Twitter username and password and then the name of the person you want to keep quiet.  You can tell TwitterSnooze how long you want to keep them quiet and, the most humiliating part, you can announce to all of your followers that you are shutting @whoever off and they can too.  It will say something like this, “Hitting snooze on @whoever.  You can hit snooze too at”.  You don’t need to select that option, but I think it’s pretty neat if you want to let someone know that their tweets are really getting on your nerves.

Twistori isn’t really a useful Twitter application, but it is an interesting one.  It shows you tweets containing one of six emotional words:  Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, or Wish.  It streams the tweets continuously and you can select to switch to a different emotion to view.  It’s really amazing how many people hate ticks, going to work, and Toshiba.  It’s almost like viewing overheard tweets, in that it’s really amusing.  The best “Wish” I just read was, “I wish I was naked in a warm bath with a bottle of vodka”.  I wish I could have Twistori as my screensaver.

TrackThis allows you to track your packages over Twitter.  You need to follow TrackThis first, and then send them a direct message that contains the tracking number and brief description of what you’re tracking.  You’ll then receive a direct message whenever your package changes locations.  You can follow TrackThis here, but make sure you send your tracking code in a direct message and not an @reply.

Roll.The.Dice will provide you with results from random events like flipping a coin, dealing cards, and generating random numbers.  You need to follow rollthedice here and then just send it a direct message telling it what you want it to do.  For example, you could dm rollthedice with the command “roll” and it will roll a six sided die and send you the result.  You can do the same to flip a virtual coin — just dm “flip” to get your result.

Hopefully those will keep you busy for the week.  I’ll be back next Monday with “Some Of The Many Twitter Courtiers, Part Trois”.

5 Responses to “Some Of The Many Twitter Courtiers: Part Deux”

  1. Twistori is soo cool. Should I feel bad that I killed 20min watching it?

  2. Nelson, you should definitely not feel bad. But, that is one reason I’d love to make it my screensaver!

  3. 3 actualal

    I recommend hasthags ( for Twitter as a way of tagging/ aggregating tweets. You have to register and then follow hashtags on twitter. Then if you put a # infront of a word it aggregates on hashtags and you can see who else it talking about that topic

    PS is “” you? If so you’re a bit tweet shy!!!! 🙂

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