Website Of The Day: Schtickers


Do you ever wander around your neighborhood coffee shop and wonder, “Now where did I put my laptop? They all look the same!”? Of course you don’t. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tag your laptop so it stands out from the crowd. That’s where the website of the day, Schtickers comes in. Schtickers is a company that sells pre-designed or custom laptop skins that can be removed and reapplied at will. They have hundreds of designs to choose from in a variety of categories — anything from animal inspired to pop and retro. But I think the best part about Schtickers is that you can completely design your own laptop skin. You can add background images, choose from their graphics or upload your own, and add text. It’s noted that soon you’ll be able to create customized skins out of photos. It’s really easy to use and it costs just $24.95. (Pre-designed skins are $19.95) I think these would be great for promoting your company or even your own personal blog. Just think how cool it would be if all your friends had your URL plastered all over their MacBook Pros.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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