Friday Quickcast Special – Three Services Profiled In Three Minutes


Here we are again my lovely DemoGirl readers. It’s Friday and you’re ready to punch that time card and head out for the weekend. I know that attention spans can be minimized in the afternoon on one of the greatest days of the week, so I’ve decided to profile three applications in just three minutes that may help you out this weekend. One to help you keep track of new episodes of your favorite TV shows, one that may help you find a great deal while shopping online, and one to help you find your lost cell phone.

MyTvRSS allows you to create an RSS feed that will update you every time one of your favorite TV shows has a new episode. All you need to do is select the shows you like, and MyTvRSS will create the feed that you can add to your reader of choice. This is especially useful for people like me who never turn on the TV, but probably would if they knew a that a new episode of House was going to be on.

PriceAdvance is a Firefox Extension and Internet Explorer plugin that gives you instant price comparisons of items you’re shopping for. It doesn’t necessarily only give you better prices, it just lets you see what everyone else is charging for something you’re thinking about purchasing. The affiliate merchant sites are somewhat limited so you may not see results if you’re looking for something like sneakers or a set of white wall tires, but if you’re looking for electronics or DVDs, I’d definitely give PriceAdvance a try.

PhoneMyPhone needs minimal explanation – it will ring your phone for you at any time you tell it to. There’s no voicemail task reminder service, no free text messaging, and it won’t tell you how to get anywhere. It will, however, help to get you out of a boring meeting, help you to flee an excruciating blind date, or ring your phone if you’ve lost it somewhere. Done, done, and done.

Here’s my Friday Quickcast Special:

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2 Responses to “Friday Quickcast Special – Three Services Profiled In Three Minutes”

  1. Hello DemoGirl,

    I loved your Friday column, especially the tip about phonemyphone. You have some great stuff on your blog, and I just wanted to say THANKS (it’s about time). Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much! Much appreciated, WebGyver.

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