Find A Great Hotel? TripKick Will Make Sure You Get The Best Room


There’s this person I know, I’ll just call her Mom for the sake of this post, who is notorious for checking into a hotel and then switching rooms over and over because something is just not right. I never really had a problem with this because we always ended up getting a great room and she had no problem paying for it – she just wanted the perfect place to relax. She’s been talking about making a trip up to San Francisco to check out my new digs, and I know it will be my job to scout out the perfect hotel and hotel room. This is how TripKick is going to save my you-know-what.

TripKick is all about room reviews. They provide you with details like noise, size, and views of specific rooms located in a hotel. Before I go any further I should add that TripKick is only available (right now) in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, NYC, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., but they have plans to add a new major city every month. You can search for specific criteria such as pet friendly, romantic, or trendy and then TripKick will list the hotels with rooms that match your request. You’ll see a list of the best rooms and you can read and leave reviews and add photos. You don’t need to sign up either, just leave your name and email address with your review. TripKick also has a compare feature which will compare rooms by view, noise, size, location within the hotel, and bathroom notability. You can print all this info out and bring it with you when you check in so you’ll be more knowledgeable up front, and shouldn’t have to worry about switching rooms later. For my sake, let’s hope the reviews on TripKick are correct. Otherwise, I’m sicking my Mom on you. Here’s my screencast tour of TripKick:

Click Here To Watch The Screencast 4m20s

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  1. I know this is off the topic but I found this website by searching on Bing for hotel marketing. How did you optimize your site to score so high in the search engine results?

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